Eine Nacht im Süden
One night in the South
Have you ever dreamed of travelling to the South? Surrender yourself and be embraced by the evocative magic and spirit of this unique music.

Bonjour! Let your mind become still and transcend your senses as you enjoy the symphonies of the greatest French composers with Image.

The journey of the flute
This program includes a colourful bouquet of beautiful melodies to transport our listeners to a glorious musical paradise.

The romantic flute
Get swept away by this virtuous music from the days of deep and noble feelings.

Walk Like This
Walk like this
Immerse yourself in the captivating harmonies and amazing musical delights typical of jazz rhythms.

Christmas Program
Get together with your loved ones to unwrap these precious musical gifts at Christmas time.

The magic flute
An opera without a singer? Let this flute quartet and their soloist lead you by the hand into a musical fairy tale. A unique sensory experience for children and adults alike.