Eva Maria Thonemann / flute amd bassflute

Eva Maria,

was born in Hamm (Westphalia) where she took her first flute classes from Johann Ament and started playing in several Youth Orchestras with which she toured through Europe. After her study at the Musikhochschule Köln under Robert Winn and Thaddeus Watson, she moved to Hamburg where she successfully completed her master’s degree at the HFMT Hamburg under Hans-Udo Heinzmann.

She also attended master classes under János Bálint, Renate Greiss, Andrea Lieberknecht and Davide Formisano. Furthermore, she successfully took part in competitions such as the Contest for Woodwind Players at the conservatory in Cologne and was awarded the Lions Music Prize.

Gathering experience, Eva Maria Thonemann played in several orchestras, such as the Bielefelder Philharmoniker, the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, the Staatskapelle Weimar and the NDR Sinfonieorchester.

In addition, she performed as solo flautist with the junge Philharmonie Köln in England, Australia and New Zealand. She currently holds the position of the deputy solo flautist at the Hamburger Symphonieorchester.